We are a team with the goal of making your dreamy days dreamier. Our Mission is to make celebrations life-impacting and effortless. It is important to us that you can completely indulge in your celebration without feeling overwhelmed about the planning and execution.

With every family that gets on board with Red Apron, our family grows bigger. As each of you takes us through your vision board and the big lists of how you want your day to be, we are delighted and excited to make your dreams come true.

Red Apron is a team of planners, designers, coordinators, mavens, and vendors who are seasoned professionals in their fields. We simplify the process of conceptualizing and organizing your day so that you can celebrate it together with family and friends without any added stress.

Each of our weddings or events is personalized by the people who celebrate it. We work closely with each of them to create an unforgettable experience that captures what’s most important to them—whether it be an intimate bride-and-groom dinner for 50 or an elegant, 500-person corporate event. We find joy in every opportunity we get to make someone’s day special.

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House warming

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Inaugural Ceremony

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convocation Ceremony

photography and Videography

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